A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

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A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

A little thing called winter

The snow drifts, then disappears and it’s suddenly 50 degrees! That’s my kinda winter.  Noses are dry then constantly running, that’s my kinda winter. Scouts are getting their pine car derby cars all ready, this is my kinda winter. And here are the pictures<3


Who’s got the Photo bug…..this girl does

What a way to start the new year, temperatures in the 60’s in the middle of winter can only mean one thing…..the shit will soon hit the fan.  So enjoy these precious moments I’ve captured for you:P


My eyes are burning

Yes burning, that wasn’t just a witty title folks, they are burning with fever.  It’s awful, I HATE colds, especially colds that some how wind up feverish at night.  I just want to curl into a ball and sleep until I feel better.  It’s 6:20 pm and I’m totally ready for bed.

Along with sickness comes bitchiness. Fitting for this blog, so,  I’ll begin.  Today I over heard a conversation.  The one clear sentence I heard really pissed me off. “This is America, to move up in the world you have to work hard for it, those occupy people need to learn that.”

Wait…what, no seriously what the fuck. Well brainiac I work my ass off, at work and at home.  Am I making the big bucks…..nope. Well why is that you ask, it’s really quite simple….a person like me will work their ass off, start making enough money to survive and still afford some fun things here and there, and then the big business they work for will get hit with higher taxes. Now it won’t be high enough where they would actually start losing money but it would make it a bit harder for them to give out $20,000 bonuses to the ceos. So what do they do that’s so bad you ask, well they have a round or two of layoffs, then they higher the same amount of people back they laid off for cheaper wages and BAM ceo’s are back to their month long vacation in Barbados.   Oh and by the way that hard worker mentioned above…yeah, he’s on unemployment now while our government with no money is paying them basically the same salary you were paying them.  That makes sense right?!?! Someone please tell me why there are no regulation on big business? Someone…. please tell me why we didn’t get the money from big business to get us out of this financial hole?  Some one fucking tell me why we bailed out ANY big business to begin with?

Thank you George W. Bush, you cock smoker.  Seriously, thanks you piece of ripe dog turd left our in 5 straight days of scolding sunlight.  Whoever voted for this man the first time is a damn fool, the second time….well, there is always your head in the oven trick because you royally FUCKED US!  Let’s not forget this, I know we have a half black president (for all you closet racists) but let’s not forget that HE is NOT the one who put us in this situation for EIGHT FUCKING YEARS!  It doesn’t matter if McCain and Palin were in office, we would still be going through this same shit storm today, fact.  I’m willing to wager it would be much, much worse. Prove me wrong……

Right now we are in the finacialism phase of this little government.  and guess what I think it’s high time we working a new system out.  Because this one is obviously not working.  SO, instead of pointing fingers can’t we all agree in order to fix this problem we need change.  Real change, and no I’m not talking tea party, let’s face it majority of them are a bunch of idiots.  seriously, not very intelligent, because they don’t want change from this hell, they just don’t want their money taken away.  Guess what 1% you can only be on top for so long.  Without us 99% you will fall!

Good day to you!


Happy Thanksgiving…..tomorrow

The one day that the native american’s and the pilgrims got along.  The rest of the time it was the pilgrims in all out destruction mode.  SO, I guess I’m thankful the pilgrims didn’t kill any of my ancestors on tomorrow’s day of thanks.

Oh what a glorious day turkey day is and can be. But it can also be a day of sorrow depending on your situation.  Tomorrow true meaning is FOOD.  Prove me wrong, go the entire day tomorrow and be thankful with out eating.  I triple dog dare you, you won’t do it, you may LIE and say you did but I fucking know you ate that delicious turkey, and stuffing ALL DAY LONG! Everyone on a diet, I’m sorry but I will still eat right in front of your face and although I may take a break for a nap in between I will, most certainly, be back for 5th’s. Think I’m lying, obviously you don’t know me, it’s okay I probably wouldn’t let you in enough to know me as well as you’d like anyhow.

Moving on…..Grace.…um, I don’t say it.  Why?!?!  Well, first of all god did not kill this fucking turkey for me nor did he pay me the money I earned from my job to buy it.  Secondly, I don’t believe in god….OMG did I just say that….yes, yes I did.  Am I going to be disrespectful whilst grace is being said.  Nope, I don’t roll like that, whatever you want to believe in is fine with me as long as you aren’t shoving your religious dick down my throat we are all good.  I will remain quiet and respectful as you say your word to your lord and then proceed to eat after the amen (which i do not say) HELL, I don’t even stand up or say the pledge of allegiance, I haven’t since middle school.

Food-wise here are the basics, turkey, grilled, oven baked, deep-fried, whatever give me the dark meat bitches, I LOVE it!  White meat is way too dry to me, If I wanted to drink a gallon of soda on Thanksgiving I wouldn’t leave my fucking house, or I’d smoke a shit ton of weed for the dry mouth the white turkey meat will give me.  So set aside a fucking drum stick, or two for me, thanks!  Also, mashed potatoes are delicious, I could eat a plate of them alone with gravy. And until 12 years ago i never liked casseroles, but let me just say after being with my husband and going to his parents house for this day of thanks i have to say they are FANTASTIC!  YUM! there are plenty of foods I could talk about on thanksgiving but I won’t bore you or make you drool the day before thanksgiving, I’m kind like that so, you’re welcome.

Family I love seeing them, I don’t mind driving to them, but it’s tough with kids.  Getting them ready the rush in the mornings to get to thanks giving lunch is fucking draining to say the least. When I was younger I had two places to travel during Holidays, my memaw and pop-pop’s and then to my Mom-mom and pop’s.  Things are a lot more complicated now…..  First of all I have a pretty demanding family, which I’m okay with since I am extremely demanding.  Secondly, my immediate family, ie my parents are divorced.  Thirdly, I have a family of my own and since both of my parents will be in Maryland this holiday at their parents house (my mom mainly, dad will be in westminster) it’s is impossible for me to drive down there after Thanksgiving lunch and then drive home again to avoid the crazies out on black friday. There in lies my i can’t please everyone delima……I try believe me, I try. But in my old age I determined that 3 kids means some people will have to go without my presence. I know it sucks, but get the fuck over it I’m only one person god damnit!  I try to visit those I can when I can and the last time I checked those who I can’t get to right away have automobiles and can visit me, end.

Thanksgiving is also reflection time, a time for nostalgia, and sad as fuck if you let it all get to you.   Relatives do not live forever and the holidays are a great reminder of them, and how they use to be and we remember, and we weep, and we move on.  At least I can rest assure that when I die I will never truly be forgotten.  I’ve pretty much made it my mission to NOT be forgotten.  But I do remember my grandmother, and the way she’d try yearly to eat asparagus (it was so fucking gross to me as a child).  I would fight her on it, until she gave up when I was 11.  And now guess what memaw, I LOVE asparagus! That right there made me a little teary eyed.  My grandfather would tell us how lovely we all looked and complement my mom-mom on her cooking and we’d all sit around and think about the “good ole days, these are the time I will remember. These are the happy moments that make the holiday’s for me.  My only hope is my children carry with them some of the gems from their times with family during the holiday’s with them as I have been for over 30 years.

Don’t get me started on Black friday, my twin will take care of that subject. Sorry for the randomness of this blog post, but today is just god awful thanks to all the UNTHANKFUL costumers I am dealing with:(

Happy Thanksgiving and good day to you!




Why won’t Bret Farve go away? WHY!?!?!

Okay so that’s not what this post will be about, but goddamn why won’t that man stop invading my air space?  Now I have to see him on a Levis commercial?  I thought only good-looking guys get those commercials?

Anyway, 2012 is less than 2 months away which means, election time.  What a better way to kick off an election with a bill that infringes on our first amendment.  Does the g.o.p. ever want to be elected again……how do they purpose this bill will help our country?  It will indeed break the internet and let me explain how.

If you put stricter laws on copyrighted material on the web your users will drop off.  This is how, users come online to their blogs, to their websites, to their facebook etc. and what do they mainly browse?  They troll the interwebs for videos, pictures, music, games, pay bills, order food, buy shit or information, even all of the above.  Now let’s throw in this bill.

Videos: You share them on your facebook, you marked them as your favorites on your page, you’ve put them on your blog. say this law goes in effect, to even share this video on your pages you are in violation.  Kinda like the warnings you see on the latest dvd you’ve bought, you can not show this to an audience of people without the proper licensing, which guess what, cost money.  A lot of money that we all just don’t have. We are not the 1% after all.

Pictures we all love pictures, whether they be pictures of our friends that we’ve taken, pictures your friends have taken, or the funny ass pictures you find on the internet that you love to share in emails, or say links on your blog.  Guess what, that all goes away.  No more viewing pictures….maybe for a price….. you can say all you want that you and your friends will never make each other pay a price think again.  When times are tough money wise you can never judge what a person will do. Hello, boring blogs, maybe not all of you add links to your shit like I do but if anything, I make myself enjoy my blog more with my witty-ass links, thank you!

Music you know those statuses you post with song lyrics, say good bye to those.  That’s not yours, you can’t type that our on your site, on your facebook page, in a text, or through and email. That’s at least 10 grand 2 or 3 if it’s an unknown artist. (those aren’t exact number but i’m too fucking upset to care.) the point is YOU’LL GET YOURS..woo ooo oo (fugazi reference right there…uh-oh i’m in for it)

Information from various blogs (like this one)  I guess I won’t be able to have an opinion any longer, since I won’t be able to talk about ANYTHING!  I don’t want to get sued for talking about say a fucking slap shot, or some shitty fucking song, not to mention saying something about say a major corporation and getting backlash for describing what they sell inadequately after all it is copy written my rant is not.

Oh yeah, say good-bye to privacy through emails.  Those are now used in a court of law thanks to sopa….think I’m fucking kidding, just wait, let it pass. As of now the court of law dismisses emails, why, because there are too many hackers out there and can change emails or copy them into a word document and change them that way. Files are files, there are no finger prints, there is no handwriting to decipher. You’re fucking screwed if this passes once they have your IP that’s basically your signature, so whatever you type according to these purposed laws is bond, yo, even if someone else get on your computer or steals your ip address and tweaks it.

I just don’t get it really, every fucking election I get reminded of how fucking corrupt the people in our government are.  I’m not singling out sides here but jesus, the only bad shit I’m hearing about lately are coming out of the mouthes of republicans.  What ever happened to this saying, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Now I’m not saying get all violent, because violence does not always bring out fear or offer solutions. Words are very powerful tools, fucking use them you lazy assholes! Your voice, it’s really the only thing worth a damn any more.

good day to you!



Holy shit it’s cold…..not really

This weather is seriously giving me a headache.  The constant turning on and off my heat is fucking killing me! T.S. though I guess I can’t catch a break money-wise, then again, who can?

I’m not poor so to speak, I live beyond my means, sure, who doesn’t?  If I got rid of cable and internet, bought a shitty car for 5 grand, and gave up my other vices I’d be the upper middle class I have no doubt about that. But who wants to live that way?  Who wants to bust their asses everyday, giving it their all, at work to come home and do ABSOLUTELY nothing?  Who wants that in life, not me that’s for damn sure.  So yes I will continue to have cable/internet/a safe fucking car, and my other vices for my sanity!  That and I fucking deserve it, who decided that they hardest working people in this country don’t get to enjoy shit while the 1% get it all.  To that person I say, I hope you have a heart attack whilst driving your off a bridge.

Just because I never spent thousands of dollars to go to college does not mean I don’t deserve to get what I’m worth. Call me crazy but I feel I’m worth a fucking lot!  Sure I’m going to go to school but I waited, and NOT because I’m lazy I just wanted to be sure of what I wanted to go for.  Finally figured that out at the good age of 32….I’m not 33 waiting for spring semester to start:) So fuck you Herman Cain, I just really had to say that, I really dislike that man. The man wears a black cowboy hat he must be the bad guy, right?!

I’m not all about people living off the system for free but in order to prevent that jobs need to be present, and let’s face it, they are not.  Not because the economy is so shitty, no not that, because companies do not want to pay people what they are worth, they aren’t hiring people who smoke cigarettes.  Why not? I ask that simple question, why not?! Stop being greedy pieces of shit and take care of your employees, guess what assholes, you wouldn’t have SHIT if it were for us!  Now I am not making minimum wage or anything crazy, I’ve got three fucking kids, I take care of my own don’t get me wrong. I’m not pissing away money I pay what’s important and I love my job.  Do I wish for more money, sure who doesn’t, but I’m alright, for now.

No hiring because you smoke…..are you fucking kidding me, what the shit is that?  That’s bullshit, we are all adults here, we’ve done our time with our parents we certainly do not need another set of them or worse and entire country of them.  If someone wants to smoke, let them smoke, if you don’t want to breathe in second-hand smoke because it’s dangerous then move the fuck away.  The reason second-hand smoke is so awful for you is due to the chemicals they are adding, not the tobacco. Sure that plays a role in health issues, I’m not saying it’s completely safe but what the fuck in this world is safe?  We can’t even breath without the worry of catching cancer. here’s a truth fucking commercial: STOP ADDING PRESERVATIVES to our products! Just stop fucking with our shit in general.

Stop trying to take away our first amendment, stop trying to re-create the movie 1984, just fucking stop.  How long do you really think humans will put up with being pushed around……that barrier that holds us all back, and is okay with following all these rules is wearing very thin.  More stipulations does NOT mean a better society.  Let’s focus on the important shit, if someone wants put stuff into their body that isn’t all natural and super healthy that’s on them. The reason some of this stuff is bad to everyone around them is because we have no regulation on big business, they can put WHATEVER they want in our shit, and we are a-okay with it……it’s a sad world but it’s going to change….I can feel it!

good day to you!