A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

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A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Holy shit it’s cold…..not really

This weather is seriously giving me a headache.  The constant turning on and off my heat is fucking killing me! T.S. though I guess I can’t catch a break money-wise, then again, who can?

I’m not poor so to speak, I live beyond my means, sure, who doesn’t?  If I got rid of cable and internet, bought a shitty car for 5 grand, and gave up my other vices I’d be the upper middle class I have no doubt about that. But who wants to live that way?  Who wants to bust their asses everyday, giving it their all, at work to come home and do ABSOLUTELY nothing?  Who wants that in life, not me that’s for damn sure.  So yes I will continue to have cable/internet/a safe fucking car, and my other vices for my sanity!  That and I fucking deserve it, who decided that they hardest working people in this country don’t get to enjoy shit while the 1% get it all.  To that person I say, I hope you have a heart attack whilst driving your off a bridge.

Just because I never spent thousands of dollars to go to college does not mean I don’t deserve to get what I’m worth. Call me crazy but I feel I’m worth a fucking lot!  Sure I’m going to go to school but I waited, and NOT because I’m lazy I just wanted to be sure of what I wanted to go for.  Finally figured that out at the good age of 32….I’m not 33 waiting for spring semester to start:) So fuck you Herman Cain, I just really had to say that, I really dislike that man. The man wears a black cowboy hat he must be the bad guy, right?!

I’m not all about people living off the system for free but in order to prevent that jobs need to be present, and let’s face it, they are not.  Not because the economy is so shitty, no not that, because companies do not want to pay people what they are worth, they aren’t hiring people who smoke cigarettes.  Why not? I ask that simple question, why not?! Stop being greedy pieces of shit and take care of your employees, guess what assholes, you wouldn’t have SHIT if it were for us!  Now I am not making minimum wage or anything crazy, I’ve got three fucking kids, I take care of my own don’t get me wrong. I’m not pissing away money I pay what’s important and I love my job.  Do I wish for more money, sure who doesn’t, but I’m alright, for now.

No hiring because you smoke…..are you fucking kidding me, what the shit is that?  That’s bullshit, we are all adults here, we’ve done our time with our parents we certainly do not need another set of them or worse and entire country of them.  If someone wants to smoke, let them smoke, if you don’t want to breathe in second-hand smoke because it’s dangerous then move the fuck away.  The reason second-hand smoke is so awful for you is due to the chemicals they are adding, not the tobacco. Sure that plays a role in health issues, I’m not saying it’s completely safe but what the fuck in this world is safe?  We can’t even breath without the worry of catching cancer. here’s a truth fucking commercial: STOP ADDING PRESERVATIVES to our products! Just stop fucking with our shit in general.

Stop trying to take away our first amendment, stop trying to re-create the movie 1984, just fucking stop.  How long do you really think humans will put up with being pushed around……that barrier that holds us all back, and is okay with following all these rules is wearing very thin.  More stipulations does NOT mean a better society.  Let’s focus on the important shit, if someone wants put stuff into their body that isn’t all natural and super healthy that’s on them. The reason some of this stuff is bad to everyone around them is because we have no regulation on big business, they can put WHATEVER they want in our shit, and we are a-okay with it……it’s a sad world but it’s going to change….I can feel it!

good day to you!


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