A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

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A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

My eyes are burning

Yes burning, that wasn’t just a witty title folks, they are burning with fever.  It’s awful, I HATE colds, especially colds that some how wind up feverish at night.  I just want to curl into a ball and sleep until I feel better.  It’s 6:20 pm and I’m totally ready for bed.

Along with sickness comes bitchiness. Fitting for this blog, so,  I’ll begin.  Today I over heard a conversation.  The one clear sentence I heard really pissed me off. “This is America, to move up in the world you have to work hard for it, those occupy people need to learn that.”

Wait…what, no seriously what the fuck. Well brainiac I work my ass off, at work and at home.  Am I making the big bucks…..nope. Well why is that you ask, it’s really quite simple….a person like me will work their ass off, start making enough money to survive and still afford some fun things here and there, and then the big business they work for will get hit with higher taxes. Now it won’t be high enough where they would actually start losing money but it would make it a bit harder for them to give out $20,000 bonuses to the ceos. So what do they do that’s so bad you ask, well they have a round or two of layoffs, then they higher the same amount of people back they laid off for cheaper wages and BAM ceo’s are back to their month long vacation in Barbados.   Oh and by the way that hard worker mentioned above…yeah, he’s on unemployment now while our government with no money is paying them basically the same salary you were paying them.  That makes sense right?!?! Someone please tell me why there are no regulation on big business? Someone…. please tell me why we didn’t get the money from big business to get us out of this financial hole?  Some one fucking tell me why we bailed out ANY big business to begin with?

Thank you George W. Bush, you cock smoker.  Seriously, thanks you piece of ripe dog turd left our in 5 straight days of scolding sunlight.  Whoever voted for this man the first time is a damn fool, the second time….well, there is always your head in the oven trick because you royally FUCKED US!  Let’s not forget this, I know we have a half black president (for all you closet racists) but let’s not forget that HE is NOT the one who put us in this situation for EIGHT FUCKING YEARS!  It doesn’t matter if McCain and Palin were in office, we would still be going through this same shit storm today, fact.  I’m willing to wager it would be much, much worse. Prove me wrong……

Right now we are in the finacialism phase of this little government.  and guess what I think it’s high time we working a new system out.  Because this one is obviously not working.  SO, instead of pointing fingers can’t we all agree in order to fix this problem we need change.  Real change, and no I’m not talking tea party, let’s face it majority of them are a bunch of idiots.  seriously, not very intelligent, because they don’t want change from this hell, they just don’t want their money taken away.  Guess what 1% you can only be on top for so long.  Without us 99% you will fall!

Good day to you!

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