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Breaking Dawn……part 2 but ,not the real part 2

So we get to the theater 8ish…there was already a line.….one line. So we all say at one point, well, this is a stupid idea, one fucking line that’s all, what the shit! There are state troopers in the theater like there is a serial killer watch, and the girls there, no more than 15, with their fucking face painted…..okay really?!?!? That’s just fucking ridiculous, and I know what you’re thinking, awww it’s cute they are getting into the spirit, were they both vampires or werewolves….they were neither. They had what looked like horizontal red thunder bolts on their cheeks with the initials EC and JB……all I really have to say here is….wow.

Then there were the pillow and blanket crew, which I will say I regret not bringing myself. That ground is hard and cold, and as big as my ass is it did not provide enough cushion, such is the price we pay for good cinema. Seriously it was like a huge sleep over, but co-ed style. Because I swear this time I saw more guys wanting and willing to see this movie, some without girlfriends! Speaking of sleep overs and bed-clothes (which I regret not wearing) was it a requirement to wear uggs? I guess I missed the memo, which I am happy about since they are the ugliest shoes in the world, my vans were comfortable enough thank you.

I really preferred the crowd when the first movie was out. The readers, not the trendy assholes jumping all over the next fad (if you are actually reading the books don’t mind me I’m a raving bitch about these things). That being said I do have to say this, during the movie I don’t want to hear you cry out, oh no when Bella is actually walking down the aisle to Edward. Yes, she marries him. Yes, they have a child. Yes, she’s a fucking vampire! And finally YES, she and the Cullens along with their friends will win in breaking dawn part 2. Read the books faster people, you’ve had over 4 years to do this. Did I happen to mention what a huge cunt I can be about things…..
Just keep your mouth shut during the movie please, that’s really all I ask.

The movie in General was amazing, it literally had everything, funny, witty, dramatic, love, you name it, it was in there. The only part that kinda freaked me out was when the wolves spoke to each other. I just think it should’ve been done a little better, and no I’m sure how and yes, I will get over it, in fact I am over it. The way Bella looked at the end was so very disturbing I had to look away, the movie was extremely well done my only wish is that I didn’t have to wait another year to see the final movie. I mean really, 6 months should be long enough. We need Mrs. Meyer to start writing again, the sooner breaking dawn part 2 comes out the better. That way we can get her Host movie out of the way, which by the way will not do as well as twilight and she will HAVE to write again! I want to read midnight sun for Christ sakes!!!! Stephenie Meyer…..you stupid bitch, get over yourself and finish writing that story, asshole!

If I could change anything during all these movies it would be this, Kristen Stewart should’ve been kept plain throughout the movies and THEN dolled up during breaking dawn. I was not wowed by her beauty during the wedding scene and I was definitely not blown away when she finally turned. Wait….there is one more thing, she was supposed to look like a fucking battered wife after the first sex scene also instead her barely there bruises are what scared Edward away?!?!? Really, that could be just some rough sex that was bullshit also. But this isn’t supposed to be a rant about how the movie sucked, because it sooooo did not, but damn Stephenie you are present during these movies speak the fuck up!

I just wanna go home and be able to watch breaking dawn over and over again on my comfy couch, with my comfy clothes in total silence so I can absorb EVERYTHING in that movie. These are literally the only movie that truly stick with me for months/years, I get happy everytime I see them, I’m a huge nerd I know but I likes what I sees!


good day to you!


Breaking Dawn……

I know what your all going to say……”Really Chrissy aren’t you a bit old for teen drama” Nope, not at all. Everyone with a vagina loves a good love story. Whether it be between two humans, a supernatural and a human,an alien and a human, a fucking planet of the apes gorilla and a human…I think you get my point!

Here’s the gist, a new girl arrives in the school, not super hot, not super cool, and quiet. Of course it doesn’t matter hot a girl or boy is when they are new, if they are the least bit attractive people will drool over them until the new-ness wears off. Naturally the new girl starts crushing on the hottest guy in the school, and dreams to be near him. The guy of course can’t be bothered to give her the time of day, image is EVERYTHING in highschool after all. Not to mention he’s got a big ass secret that he can not share with anyone. psssss he’s a vampire. Turns out she’s one smart cookie and figures him out and they go on to have a rollercoaster relationship.  The story would be boring if there was no drama after that.

But that’s not what I want to talk about here…..I want to talk about the fans who are going to see the movie tonight. There are types of people and I’m about to categorize these fuckers. So get a snack and proceed with this blog, it could take a while.

The true fans, you know who you are, I’m one of you.  These fans will buy their tickets in advance and wait in line amongst the animals to get a good seat for HOURS (so do the other types but fuck them). They quietly take their seats with their friends (or if they are hardcore enough like I was once, alone, I wouldn’t recommend this its super boring ) turn down their cell phones and quietly wait for the movie to begin.  Sure they talk to their friends with their fucking INSIDE VOICES! They don’t get upset when someone else blurts out what happens next because they’ve read all the fucking books already and they dont’ care.  They do care however, that you are shouting in the theater!!!

Then we have the semi annoying, the gigglers.  the ones who won’t stop laughing at EVERYTHING!  Really they don’t shut the fuck up, everything that Edward says is NOT funny so stop giggling.  And the ooooo’s and ahhhher’s, is this the first time you’ve seen a chiseled body before.  Are you accustomed to watching movies with fatties taking their shirts off…NO you aren’t b/c that is extremely rare in a major motion pictures.  It’s not fireworks, its fucking annoying stop!

Next up the chair bumpers.  Use the bathroom before you come in, get your snacks before the movie starts, if you have long legs sit upright, and keep your fucking nasty ass feet off the top of my seat the row ahead of you. Did your parents NOT teach you manners?!  Or would you like my fist in your face? Why would anyone think it’s okay to put their feet on the top of my seat while I’m sitting there?  I mean that’s the most inconsiderate thing I think can happen while at the movies.  I really want to know WHY would you do that?!

Mom’s, hey I’m one too and guess what….they are fucking home! and when they were newborns I found a fucking sitter.  Keep your crying brat at home asshole I’m trying to absorb this movie! Not to mention it’s fucking cold in there, do you care about the well being of your child? Probably not or you wouldn’t be RUINING my movie for me.

Teenagers…….Number one it’s a fucking school night why are you at the movies at midnight on a school night. Do you parents know you’re out?  DO they fucking care that you’re the rudest fucking kid in the world who won’t shut the fuck up!  Stop screaming asshole, you act like this is your first time out of the house….what the hell is wrong with you. leave my theater bitch you didn’t pay for you ticket anyhow your mommy did, and if she’s there with you she’s a douche rocket for allowing you to leave your cage, animal!

And finally…..cell phone users.  Now I’m all for texting throughout the movie.  hell I’m going to be doing it throughout the night with my twin, do us all a favor though. TURN OFF YOUR VOLUME, never answer the phone while the movie is on or starting.  EVEN during the previews, I enjoy the fucking previews if you don’t leave and come back when the movie starts….no one is going to miss you, trust me. And no one gives a rats ass what you are talking about on your phone, or what funny text you received from your loser friends.  so some fucking respect.

So now that we’ve discussed the douchery that goes on during opening nights lets all enjoy the fucking show and respect your fellow humans and let them get their monies worth!

good day to you!




I’m not sure if this is working right. As I am also not sure how to get the people who were following me on my wordpress.com name to this website? I’ll figure it out I’m sure one day at a time I suppose…..


So it’s 11pm…..random thoughts….

Why the fuck am I still awake? Did I mention I had a long night, and there is football on. Nothing bores me more than a foot ball game with two teams I just don’t give a shit about.  Anything Favre touches I want NOTHING to do with.  That man is a waste of fucking space. Oh and it’s pronounced FAV~RE, not FAR~VE.  I don’t care if that stupid hick doesn’t know how to pronounce his own name, he’s wrong.

Moving on……

Truth commericals…..really what the fuck, if you’re going to smoke then, you’re going to smoke.  If you are a parent who smokes in the house around your children you’re an asshole.  We all know it we are all well-informed, we don’t need a fucking commercial to tell us anything new.  We don’t need television to raise our children, as a parent you explain this stuff to your children and they learn it in school, or have you cut the funding for that Chris Christie(you fat piece of poop).   You scare the hell out of them your own fucking way.  I, personally, tell my kids they’ll get cancer and die a slow painful death…..it’s not really a lie it’s more of stretching of the truth if you will.  It CAN happen, so I’m letting them know the risks.  I don’t need some fucking commercial with some kid who is still in his teens basically telling people who do smoke it’s their fault for him have spots on his lungs from smoking.  He made that decision no one else, he did, he started smoking no one put a gun to his head.  I hope they are still teaching about this stuff in school.

Above the influence commericals….Can we have all of those about alcohol because that IS the gateway drug.  What kid do you know started smoking pot then started drinking?  In most cases it’s the other way around and then it gets out of hand. But, maybe you’re into that and that’s fine to. As long as you aren’t affecting me and the way I live my life, who am I to judge. If you aren’t  being destructive in others lives then I don’t give a fuck what you do to your own. Enough with the fucking commercials already.  Where are all the drunk parent commercials…..the zanax commericals, the kalonapin ones……

Sorry all not much for writing tonight it’s late and i need my beauty sleep.

good day to you!


my weekend post in a nut shell…..

I fucking LOVE christian bale, I don’t care if he’s a huge dick or just annoyed by the fame.  He’s a great actor, in EVERYTHING he does.  From Empire of the Sun to The Fighter, you won’t find a better actor for any of his roles.  And the dedication is phenomenal!  He goes from buff to barely there for any role, that is amazing and, even though he’s not at his hottest potential when he looks close to death, he’s still weirdly hot.

There aren’t many actors I can say that about, as I sit here and watch Batman Begins. Honestly who ever decided to bring Batman back made a wise decision when selecting Bale as the main character!  Even though this guy is semi perfect there is but one flaw, when Mr. Bale is doing his American accent it almost seems like he has something in his mouth prohibiting him from talking more clearly. But really that’s nothing, and it’s not annoying or anything but noticable that’s all. I like to accept the people I think are pretty awesome with all of their flaws, of course.

Now don’t get me wrong the story of batman begins is pretty amazing.  But, if I only spoke of that I’d have to go on and on about all the parts I loved. as I stated in an earlier blog weekends are my time.

good day to you!


I wasn’t going to do this but I feel compelled to….

Riots in Penn State from the selfish asshole fans, who disagree with the coach of Penn state,  Joe Paterno(the god according to them) getting fired. After witnessing a rape of a child, Mike McQueary told his superior Paterno in turn Paterno told his boss, as per protocol .  This all happened back in 2002 and guess what nothing was done, no authorities were contacted and if I were to make a guess here I’d say, that wasn’t the first time nor was it the last. SO where as I agree Paterno should be fired, I think the firing should have started with Joe Paterno’s boss.  They may not go to jail because the laws are so screwed up when it comes to child molestation or rape but they should most certainly lose their jobs. ESPECIALLY if their job involves working in a school setting, seriously what the fuck is wrong with people.  There are things that you follow protocol and then there are serious life ruining things you follow moral obligations. So guess what Penn State rioters (I refuse to call them protestors, they are nothing but hoodlums) get over Paterno getting fired, it needed to happen end of story.  When my child goes to college I want him to go to a fucking respectable school, the respect I had for this school is lost by the way they handled this situation plain and simple. If that includes a coach and his assistant getting fired (which is impossible there are labor laws) for reporting some sick fuck molesting or raping a fucking child more the better, at least I’ll feel safe with 18 year old going to that school!

The approach to this case  is ridiculous as I stated before everyone that knew about these lewd acts should be terminated on the spot. Curley and Schultz should be in jail as I’m writing this but sadly, they are not due to the fucked up way the laws are set up, they should be never allowed to work in a school setting or be allowed near children again.  When people come to you with this kind of information about a man you hired you need to contact the authorities, you are not the judge and jury just like I am not. You can have all the opinions you want on this matter like the ones I will be stating soon enough, but you can’t take the LAW into your own hands. That is exactly what Curely did, he was told information, Paterno was told from an eye-witness to the crime at hand and he did absolutely nothing. In so many ways that’s as bad as the act itself! Kids are coming forward and STILL Curely, Schultz and Sandusky are denying all allegations……..I’m speachless, I expect this from Sandusky but from the other two….I’m so mad I want to spit!

Sandusky should be castrated, it’s been proven that people who do these acts will do them again. Unless of course you drug them up so much that they have no sexual drive and even that isn’t fool proof considering we can’t even trust them to NOT molest again let alone trust them to take their medication daily.  I know people feel strongly about killing someone who has done this but I believe a worse punishment is castration. I don’t think I really need to explain that one either. A 9th victim has come forward now in his 20’s,  nine fucking kids.  Do you know what molestation does to a child, do you know what rape does to a human being?  it ruins them, forever, it’s not something you will EVER get over.  No amount of therapy, no amount of drug will ever let you forget any exact detail of what happened to you.  Even if that person is dead in the ground the scars will still remain, you learn to live with it, you get by, but your life is ruined.  Don’t get me wrong here, a lot of victims move on and have great lives, become fantastic parents, and don’t wind up slitting their wrist or become a delinquent. Trust is lost though, trust in humanity.

If you want to protest something, protest the laws, protest for the children. But don’t clog my news feed and television up with your pathetic bull shit of saving a coaches job. We all know you really just don’t want your fucking team to lose now that they no longer have “the best college coach in the state” but guess what your precious coach could’ve called the fucking cops and maybe less victims would have piled up! The crime that was witnessed was almost 10 years ago!!!  If you think it was only 9 you are sadly mistaken, Sandusky didn’t wait until his old age to start fucking children!

good day to you!


So, you don’t read huh…….

Watching Vampire Diaries, actually putting off making my new website.  And yes, vampire diaries is fucking good, never doubt me….If anyone knows teen drama it’s this girl.

So the website is from Hostbaby, I suggest you check them out pretty good rates and great customer service.  Pretty soon apocketfullofsunshine will be a .net.  I wish it were a .com but I’m impatient and didn’t feel like waiting a few months for apocketfullofsunshine.com to become available.  Dedication people that’s what I’m doing here, dedication!  I said I’d write a blog every weekday and I shall write this damn blog!

Moving on….Secret Circle up next.  I’m really into the supernatural stories incase you were like who the fuck is this bitch and why is she obsessed with teen supernatural drama.  Well, I’m a reader and like to consider my self a writer, you may disagree with these statements and well fuck you. I love to read, in fact I get a bit upset when I meet someone who doesn’t read. Audio books are good too, people just don’t have time to read. I’m probably going to start doing that soon with the kids getting older and what-not. I LOVE to read, it’s amazing how the human mind can transform you into a story just by reading a few words, imagination, it’s amazing to have such a great ability.  So when I hear someone say I just don’t have time to read, a little piece of me dies (again, audio is the same as reading to me at this point so don’t go thinking this is about you, it’s not.), and it kinda of pisses me off. Especially if they are arguing with me about, ANYTHING!

How on earth do you think you are going to win in any arguments with me, you aren’t exercising your brain, please! Please, don’t think for a second you know what you are talking about.  Because you probably don’t, this may come off snotty so I’m sorry in advanced. But, if you don’t read and think it’s dumb, chances are you don’t know how to comprehend. But don’t make reading out to be a bad thing by saying it’s dumb, reading is in fact not dumb. I suggest you get back to the basics, Dr. Seuss, I guarantee you will enjoy reading. If for some ungodly reason you don’t, well, I’m sorry you’re missing out.  You’re really missing out.

I had one girl before actually make fun of me for reading.  I’m not talking about when I was in school. I’m talking about when I was 30.  This girl was one of those “moms” who think that the way she raises her children is the best and only way, your way most definitely sucks. I honestly believe it’s because all of her friends put her on this fancy pedestal  when in reality she’s was mediocre at best.  Sometimes people mistake weird-looking as “beautiful” common mistake really but the outcome is truly ugly. Anywho, she was making fun of me so I asked her, is it because you have no imagination, or is it because you have a hard time comprehending things? her response was she had better things to do with her time, and that she was busy being a mom.  Yeah me-fucking-too but i guess along with being able to comprehend stories that involve imagination, I can also multitask it’s in my dna. I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog now about this topic if it wasn’t for her. So I guess I should probably thank her.  I honestly don’t care if people don’t read but , I do care however when you make fun of something you obviously know nothing about.  It’s called ignorance and I really hate it.  So to people like this person I have this to say, you’re being a bully. At this moment, right now, you are most likely feeling the way I felt when I was criticized for what I love to do. When I was made to feel less than adequate as a mother.  How does it feel? good? nope didn’t think so.

good day to you!



Tomorrow’s full moon….

Call me crazy but when a full moon  is approaching shit gets CRAZY!  And I’m not talking your wife/husband yelling about the dishes left on the counter crazy. I’m talking bat shit crazy! People getting hurt left and right, lives ruined/lost, crazy ass arguments that on a normal day would not even be a fucking issue, etc……you get where I’m going with the crazy, if not you’re probably on the crazy train with the rest of us empaths.

It starts out slow…..about 4 days before the moon, you get this feeling this nauseating feeling, knots galore.  You don’t know what to do or what is going to happen. Then BAM the shit storm begins.  It’s starts out slow an argument here or there, you start questioning everything you are doing wrong but turning up empty.  Things break, moods switch at the drop of a hat. Then the depression begins….where did that come from you ask? I don’t fucking know but its there. So you question everything again, you think back to the past and everything that has led you to this point. All the things you would’ve done differently but that only makes you fall further down this hole.  This hole that you aren’t able to get the hell out of for about a week after the full moon has done it’s damage.

Now let me be clear here, not every full moon is this way.  Can you image if you had to go through this on top of having you cycle…..(if you are female, of course)? This full moon is just fucking awful though.  This is the worst one I’ve been through in months. I’m not liking it, I want it to end.  First off tension is at its highest causing me to be even more of a bitch, if that’s even possible.  Secondly, it really seems like nothing is going right, I’m completely hopeless in everything I do lately.  This blog for instance, I don’t even want to write it.  Not today, but I made a commitment and for fucking once I’m going to keep it!  So here it is folks, the raw, the rambling pathetic me.  Hope you’re digging it because there is more self loathing to be had today.

What can I say really, I feel less than great. And for me that sucks because well, I am pretty fucking great.  You may not agree and to you I say, fuck off!  I’m in no mood to hear your whining.  Perfect, however, I know I’m not.  I do try but alas, no one is perfect.  This week though something has struck a big chord with me.  Owning up to your fucking mistakes!

Yeah, you over there trying to pass the fucking buck, own up to YOUR fuck up, thanks.  It does no one any good to point the finger at someone just trying to do their job.  It’s not going to save your ass especially when you are finger pointing at your own people!  I know work is hard, the responsibilities are vast, which mean the likely hood of a screw up is inevitable.  I get it like I stated before no one is perfect.   You aren’t being judged by your perfection, you are being judged by your performance, and most importantly how happy our AWESOME customers are!  You take that finger and shove it right up your ass mister, without lube! Really, I’m embarrassed for you, because not only is what you’re doing not productive but you just look pathetic at this point.  We all get it dood, when something goes wrong in your department it’s everyone else’s fault, surprise surprise.  Good move, check and fucking mate!  I hear the oven is a good solid way to go, maybe check it out?  NO…..aww that’s a fucking shame, douche rocket!

SO really what I need from this week, from the full fucking moon is this, a fucking break already. YOU  HEAR ME !!!! I need a break from the crazy!


good day to you!



Prescription drugs…..

Seriously I don’t give a shit if Michael Jackson’s doctor was found guilty and is now serving time.  This dr. prescribed this man medicine, Jackson ingested the medicine or my bad allowed the doctor to inject him with it..  This medicine was not for cancer or a life threatening disease. This was for the precious fucking singer to get some fucking zzzzz. what’s keeping you up at night?  Those little boys you molested? Sure the doctor is responsible is it worthy to be on the news, is it more important than the protesting going on EVERYWHERE.   Do we really have to waste funds on this ridiculous trial while the doctor that killed my grandmother is now chief of surgery?  Yeah this is personal.

I don’t give a shit if this man was the king of pop, this is NOT news worthy to me.   I love how this world has so many fucking double standards surrounding money.  Because that is what this is all about, money.  If someone in my family got their dr. to prescribe them anything and they o.d. on it do you think their doctor would be on trial right now….No, no they fucking wouldn’t!  I’m so sick of people getting special treatment for their fame and money when it comes to important shit like health care!  Guess what everyone Heath Ledger fucking died because HE od’d,  same with Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, and Marilyn  Monroe.  Get over it, stop wasting my time, I just don’t care,  if you aren’t going to put every doctor on trial who has killed a  person and was aware what they were doing was wrong, I don’t want to fucking hear it. We can’t pick and choose when to care about a subject and when to say ehhh it’s just so and so who cares. As an adult, if you aren’t going to your dr. with the same bullshit to get some drugs, know the fucking risks!   If your doctor is prescribing you prescription medication use it responsibly idiots, you aren’t children. If you’re a doctor prescribing patients drugs just because they are asking for them then do us all a favor and kill yourself! You’re a disgrace to the profession and I’m not entirely sure how you got your PHD but I’m going to take a wild guess and say money had something to do with it. Why don’t doctors have to take a moral test, or undergo a pyschiatric test?

With all that being said I’m not for doctors getting away with murder, they do ALL the time. As I said before the doctor who didn’t tell my grandmother she has cancer when it was on all the charts he received and paperwork he processed(to save his ass), and she waited until she could no longer walk (because the cancer spread to her brain) to see another doctor because she trusted this doctor so much that she died because of it. If he can get off scott free with no penalties, no money to repay all the medical bills my grandfather got stuck with on top of losing his beloved wife at 56 years old, if that can happen I do NOT want to hear about these celebrity’s doctors on trial.  I’m sorry but I just fucking don’t want to hear it!

Really I’m sick of all these things being televised.  The Casey Anthony trial, really was that really all over the t.v. screen?  Thank you for making a pathetic excuse for a mom famous for getting away with murdering her child!  And if you think she’s innocent….yeah…and so was fucking o.j.! Not news worthy people, not news worthy.

Let me tell you what is news worthy, Americans in poverty due to big business, our government failing, a war we aren’t going to win.  These are the topics that need to be on the major new channels NOT Michael fucking Jackson’s doctor!

good day to you!